Horse Farm

8-acre farm, 3/4 mile east of 301/441 near Anthony.
3 BR/2 bath home with living room, sun room/office, rec room, dining room. FIreplace. All tile and hardwood floors.
5-stall center-aisle barn, feed/storage room, wash rack with hot and cold, loading ramp. Window from apartment to one of the stalls; perfect for foal/vet watch.
Studio apartment or office in the barn (vaulted ceiling, sleeping loft or storage loft with stairway, full bathroom, full kitchen).
Second studio apartment, full kitchen, full bathroom, a little more spacious than the first. Storage bays on both ends of this outbuilding.
6 paddocks, all cross-fenced with shade (trees).
Second feed/storage building.
1/4-mile grass track, so this could be a great small training center. Also useful for conditioning pleasure and show horses.
Trails nearby. Lovely, quiet rural setting but 5-minute drive to shopping, dining, and 326/I-75. Minutes to HITS grounds.

Front Gate
Front entry gate to farm

Front of Apartment And Barn
Front of apartment #1 and barn #1

Side of Barn And Apartment
Side of apartment #1 and barn #1

Center Aisle of Barn     Center Aisle of Barn from the Other Direction
Center aisle of barn, views from each end

Inside Apartment, View 1
Inside the apartment #1, View 1

Inside Apartment, View 2     Inside Apartment, View 3
Inside the apartment #1, views from the front door. NOTE: A stairway has been built since these pictures were taken.
The door in the center of the left picture above is a door going into the bathroom, which in turn has a door leading into the barn.
In the far right of the right picture above is a door going from kitchen to barn

Kitchen, View 2
Partial view of kitchen, apartment #1

Stalls Airy, Light, Well Ventilated
The stalls are well-lit, well-ventilated, large and airy

BroodmareStall Has Window To Apartment
The largest stall of all, approx. 14' wide, has a window into the apartment -- great for broodmare or vet watch

Feed and Storeroom
Feed and storeroom (easily convertible back to a sixth stall)

Wash Area with Hot and Cold
Wash area with hot and cold

Paddocks, View 1
A view of the front paddocks from apartment #1

Paddocks, View 2
Another view of the front paddocks from apartment #1

Back Paddock #1
One of the two back paddocks

Back Paddock #2
The larger of the two back paddocks

Front Paddocks View 3
An overview of a couple of the front paddocks

Barn #2 with apartment #2 in the center, storage bays on both sides

Kitchen, apartment #2

Living room, apartment #2 (carpet has been replaced by Pergo-type flooring)

House with Barn #1 visible in background

Better view of house

Sun room with fireplace, main house

Partial view, living room (cast party!!). Hardwood floors, track lighting